small wedding ceremony and reception ideas

Simple and Small Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Small wedding ceremony ideas look very cute and simple. This is the wedding reception that is being in trend right now especially for them who want to go the wedding with on budget. Some couples agree that the wedding should be decorated with the festive and amazing decoration where it will cost more and some others say that at the wedding the one that should be kept is the promise […]

marine corps wedding favors ideas

Marine Wedding Ideas Decoration

The military wedding ideas will be much different with the common people or civil people wedding decoration ideas. At this kind of wedding, there is the formal touch as the military like the marine wedding ideas where the wedding will be very formal as the military rules. But sure, the wedding couple can also get the other ideas of the wedding as the complement so the wedding will be fun […]

candle centerpiece ideas for wedding receptions

Centerpiece Ideas for Wedding with Candles

When the wedding ceremony is begun, when the guests are all coming to the hall, all eyes will be indulged with the design of the centerpiece ideas for wedding. Yup, from short to high, delicate to cascading, all should be displayed beautifully and fascinating so the guests will be impressed and can enjoy the wedding just like they should be. Wedding is the most precious moment. From the various ideas […]

redneck wedding ideas pictures

Redneck Wedding Ideas for a Different Wedding Theme

There are more choices of wedding theme that you can find like redneck wedding ideas that will look amazing for your wedding. This kind of idea for wedding will give your wedding a different touch that you might not find in the other wedding. What you are going to find in this kind of wedding theme will be those details that will look gorgeous with redneck touch. You can also […]

pink and black wedding decor

Sweet Pink and Black Wedding Ideas

As you know, there are some sweet and cute colors for the wedding ideas. It can be red and black, red black and white, blue, purple and these pink and black wedding ideas. These pink and black colors can create the wedding with the feminine touches. Besides the radiant and elegant style of the modern wedding design and theme, the feminine accent is the strong element here. It is because […]

beach wedding ideas australia

Flowers of Tropical Wedding Ideas

Wedding not only can be held in spring, summer, fall, but also in tropical. It is not impossible if the wedding is held in the tropical. Do you have a picture of the setting wedding in tropical? May be you feel that the wedding only held in indoor room. Not only in indoor room, but also the wedding can be held in outdoor room. The wedding identical with the flowers, […]